How to Create Content

Content inside of are called Items. Here’s how to get started!

My Drafts Preview

My Drafts

My Drafts is where users go to create content. Only user with a “Creator” user role have a My Drafts area. Every Users’ My Drafts is unique to them and only the content that they are working on will show up in their My Drafts.

How to Create Workflows

How to Create Posts

If you are curious about the differences between Workflows and Posts, check out this article!

Submissions Preview


When users with “Creator” in their user role finish creating items, they will submit that item for review (and approval) before it is added to the Library. When an item is submitted, it will show up in the Submissions area. Submissions is available to anyone with “Approver” or “Admin” in their user role. 

Here’s how to submit items to the Library

Here’s how to review items that are in Submissions

There is one exception to Submissions. If you have both “Creator” and either “Approver” or “Admin” in your user role, you can skip Submissions by using “Publish” or “Publish to Library”. Learn more about that here.