Tell them what to do.

Show them what to do.

Train and support your employees with amazing photo and video-based content. Easily author and distribute visual content that your employees will love with overview video image featured companies logos

Train employees where the work gets done

Work doesn’t get done in the break room or during all-hands meetings. makes it easy to deliver effective visual-based training and communications to your employees while they are on the go, whether that’s on the work floor or out in the field.

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Why visual-based content?

It’s no surprise that an estimated 65% of people have a visual learning preference. Visuals have the power to streamline your knowledge capture and transfer within your operations. Not only do visuals align to how the majority of people prefer to learn, they are also very thorough and clear, unlike words. logo
visual-based content

Easily author bite-sized, visual training content

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Rapidly distribute and share content with QR Codes clipboards feature

Automate Tasks and Reminders is a smart move is more than a place to create and store SOPs and training. As your organization uses, it helps you optimize your knowledge management library by providing you with insight into how your system is being used and what content users are looking for (that doesn’t exist yet). reporting

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