Powerful training just got easier

Create photo and video-based Standard Operating Procedures, Work Guides, Safety Instructions and much more!

Create photo & video-based training without a film crew

Did you know 65% of humans identify as visual learners? This is why we created Proceed.app to make creating amazing visual training experiences simple. Use photos and videos to show people how things are done in your business without needing professional video equipment and production crews.

Engage your users with bite-sized training content

Everyone wants video training, but do you employees actually like watching 3-5+ minute videos? Not too surprising, but our testing shows that employees are more likely to engage (and stay engaged) with bite-sized video vs. traditional long form training videos. Step-by-step training videos are the easiest way to learn something new, at your own pace.

Get the right knowledge to the right people

Producing video-based training and documentation is only half the challenge. Create a private, company-only library for your employees and internal users with the option of creating a public white-labeled library for external users.

Get your team involved in creating content

Do you wear many hats and have limited time? Delegate the creation of your training across your team without losing control over what is being created. Proceed.app comes with a built in submission and approval system that allows you to crowdsource content from your team while still controlling quality.

Tell them. Show them.

A training and knowledge management system designed to show people what to do, so you never have to tell people what to do again.

Product Features

*Premium Features

Knowledge Library

Build a private, internal knowledge library for your organization

Collaboration Manager

Review and approve content before it goes to your library.


Generate reports on user activity, content creation, and system usage.

Mobile App

Create and view content through our mobile app for iOS and Android.

Video & Photo Content

Create and distribute visual content using photos and videos.

User Roles

Control who can view, create, approve and manage content in your account.

PDF & Documents

Upload and organize pre-existing PDFs and documents into your library.

QR Rapid Access

Generate QR codes for rapid and convenient accecssiblity.

Public Sharing*

Share content to anyone on the internet.

Custom Branding*

Make your Library look and feel like your brand.

Single Sign On*

Grant authorization access via your organization’s SSO system.


Build a custom integration with another app or system.

Your vision made into a training system.

What could you accomplish with easy visual communication? Save time training employees? Reduce support costs for customers? Increase productivity while reducing errors? Break through language barriers?