Workflows vs. Posts

What’s the difference between workflows and posts?

Workflow example


When you think of workflows, think “step-by-step”. Workflows are the best way to create visual-based, step-by-step instructions inside of Typically each step of a workflow has a caption as well as a visual (either a photo or bite-sized video).

If you want to learn how to create and edit workflows, check out this link!


Post Example


When you think of posts, think “documents and information”. Posts are the best way to upload important documents into like legacy SOPs, User Manuals, Guides Safety Data Sheets, etc.. You can upload several attachments to any single post and the types of files that you can upload include documents (like PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Files) as well as media files (like PNGs, JPEGs, and MP4s).

If you want to learn how to create and edit posts, check out this link!