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Onboarding employees?

On-the-job training, made easy

Onboarding employees?

On-the-job training, made easy

Only 12% of employees think their company did a good job with onboarding. See how’s visual training apporach will help you make sure 100% of your new employees feel supported and ready to go at work.

You’re in good company

76% of employees want an on-the-job training approach*

First impressions are really important, however onboarding does not stop after orientation day. The best onboarding programs give employees the support they need through continuous on demand training.  Unlike text-based training manuals, classroom learning sessions, and binders,’s visual, bite-sized knowledge management approach makes documentation and training easy to access and enjoyable to use. 

Make knowledge accessible to new hires is a visual knowledge management system that makes it easy to give employees and customers the support they need, when they need it, using visuals like photos and videos.

Create bite-sized, visual content

Crowdsource content from your team

Distribute and share content is a smart move is more than a place to create and store SOPs and training. As your organization uses, it helps you optimize your knowledge management library by providing you with insight into how your system is being used and what content users are looking for (that doesn’t exist yet).

Hi, I’m Andrew

As a former employee and life long visual learner, my team and I set out to create a better way to share knowledge visually. We’ve seen some amazing results from businesses that take a visual approach to knowledge management, and honestly it’s easier than you might think. I’d love to schedule a 15 minute demo to show you how is helping organization use visuals to their advantage.