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Compliant Training

Effective & Compliant Training

Compliant Training

Effective & Compliant Training

On-demand, photo and video-based knowledge management will make your operational documents more effective than ever before. Knowledge distribution is made easy with visual knowledge management through!

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You’re in good company. is used by some great organizations.

Binders and manuals are losing you money.

Fortune 500 companies are said to be losing $31.5 billion+ every year due to inefficient knowledge management and sharing tactics*. For so many businesses, knowledge management oftentimes consists of old school tactics such as binders, manuals, documents, hand written notes, and peer-to-peer training. Does any of that sound familiar? If so, those traditional knowledge management tactics are holding you down and costing your business money. Turn knowledge management into an operational advantage with You will see the results, and love the ROI.

*from a 2004 SHRM Article, Shedding Light on Knowledge Management

Is visual knowledge management your solution?

Better knowledge management with visuals can help with many of the challenges businesses face today. Here are some of our favorite challenges we’ve seen so far:

New Employee Onboarding

Reduce your onboarding time with a visual learning experience.

Capturing Undocumented Knowledge

Encourage teammates to document their knowledge and innovation.

Customer Support

Show your customers how to use products with user-friendly, bite-sized visuals.

Employee Resource Center

Set up a one-stop-shop for your employees to find HR documents and resources.

Cross-Training Programs

Employees learn new skills with visual training content built for your business.

On-Demand Training

Get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time.

(a.k.a knowledge management that people enjoy)

Create bite-sized, visual content

Crowdsource content from your team

Distribute and share content is a smart move is more than a place to create and store SOPs and training. As your organization uses, it helps you optimize your knowledge management library by providing you with insight into how your system is being used and what content users are looking for (that doesn’t exist yet).

Hi, I’m Andrew

As a former employee and life long visual learner, my team and I set out to create a better way to share knowledge visually. We’ve seen some amazing results from manufacturing companies with our visual approach. I’d love to schedule a 15 minute demo to show you how can level up your knowledge management.