Posts are little knowledge or information bits that don’t require a step-by-step process. Posts consist of a title, description/notes, and as many photos & videos as you’d like (but typically no more than 3). 

BROWSER: How to create a post

In the video we walk through creating a sample post by uploading pre-taken photos and videos through the web browser app. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the home tab, click “Create a Post”. This will bring you to the creation page.
  2. Type a title for your post and add a description (optional).
  3. After typing a title, you can attach photos (png, jpeg) or video (mp4) by clicking “Select File”.
  4. Press “Save Draft” when finished. If you are ready to submit the post to be reviewed for approval to the library, press “Submit”.

PS: Soon you will be able to attach documents (PDFs) to posts!