Getting Started with QR Codes

How to start using QR Codes to make your training and support content rapidly accessible with

QR Codes are a great way to make your documentation and training more accessible to your “on-the-go” employees. makes creating and managing QR Codes easy! Admins have the ability to create new QR Codes through the QR Code Manager. There they can add internal notes, Disable / Enable QR Codes, and re-route QR Code destinations.

Here are some practical examples of how organizations are using QR codes:

  • Put QR Codes on work orders that bring users to specific work instructions for that order.
  • Place QR Codes on Machinery like Forklifts that bring users to preventative maintenance procedures specific to that machine.
  • Post a QR Code in your break room for weekly safety lessons and updates. You can change what content is brought up on that QR Code weekly via software (you do not have to post a new QR code every week).

With QR Codes you can bridge your digital library and the real world seamlessly! Get started today!