Your business depends on knowledge. Our coaches make sure it’s documented.

Partner with a success coach to kickstart knowledge sharing in your company. Our coaches help with identifying your goals, designing your account, and creating initial content. It doesn’t get any easier!

Accelerating Results With

As a busy entrepreneur or manager, you don’t buy software, you buy time.’s success coaches help remove a significant portion of the effort it takes to implement a successful knowledge sharing program. Here’s our process:


We interview key stakeholders to identify and examine critical processes, people and company know-how. We also assess company culture and the team’s willingness to change.


We create a knowledge sharing plan customized to your organization. This includes what processes need to be documented and who is best to create the documentation.


We present our plan and work with your people to start the implementation. We support you and your team whenever help is needed and we routinely check in along the way.

What is makes knowledge sharing practical for any business that depends on hands-on skills. Small and medium-sized businesses use to create SOPs, training materials, safety instructions, and much more using photos and videos. Creating text-based training materials can be exhausing. visual documentation is easy to create and preferred by users like employees or customers.

How this works

Initial Goals Meeting

Before proposals are written, or money is spent we work together to make sure that a Success Coach is the right solution for your company.

Accept Proposal

Reveiew and accept our detailed, custom proposal which will outline the goals, plan, and deliverables included in your Success Coach experience.

We Get To Work

We start to work with your team on executing proposal. Our work typically spans 5 to 14 days depending on the goals set in the proposal.

See Results

After we hand over the reigns to your account, we will check in with you periodically and provide our best support if any questions come up.

Success Coach Pricing


Do I need to hire a success coach in order to use

No! is a self serve platform that you can implement yourself! Success coaches are here as an additional service to help get businesses started.

Can I meet with someone before making the purchase?

Absolutely! Before any agreement is made, you will meet with a success coach to determine your goals and to make sure all of your questions are answered before moving forward.

How does the identify phase work?

Our coach will start by getting to know your business and the key stakeholders of your business. They will then set up interviews with certain stakeholders to identify key processes and “know-how”. They may also conduct a culture assessment.

What if I need to make changes to documentation down the road?

No problem! Once our Success Coaches set your organization up with a tailored account, they will train you and your team on how to use the system. This will allow you to make any changes you may need down the road. Keep in mind, if you need any additional help the support team is always here!

Don’t need a coach? Just get!

Don’t need a coach? Just get!