Registering Devices for Rapid Login

Here’s a walk through of’s Rapid Login feature.

Device Management

Registering Devices

Registering your devices to your account not only allows you to offer Rapid Login via QR Code to your employees, but it also has a few other security benefits:

  • You can set certain User Roles to only be allowed to login on registered devices. This would prevent these users from being able to login at home or on a personal device.
  • You can remotely de-register a device incase a device goes missing.

Step-by-step: How to register a device 

User Role Management

Setting up Rapid Login

To use Rapid Login, you’ll need to enable Rapid Login in your organization’s settings. 

You’ll also need to decide what User Roles should be able to Rapidly Login without a Password.

Step-by-step: Setting up Rapid Login

User QR Code

Finding & Creating QR Codes for Users

Each user has a unquie QR code that they can use to Rapidly Login. You can either download a PNG file of a users’ QR Code, or you can download your Users’ UUID which can then be turned into a QR Code using ID badge or label software.

Step-by-step: User QR Codes for Rapid Login