How to start building up knowledge

This article walks you through all of the general areas/pages that you need to know about in order to start creating content


A account gives your Organization an online Library where you can store the knowledge your team depends on

  • The Library is the sharing space within, this is where Users submit their documentation to be shared and where they go to find the documentation they are looking for

My Items

“My Items” is where Users with Creator privileges draft knowledge documents that they can then submit for approval to the Library

Submissions / Approval Process

Everything that is added to the library goes through the approval process. If you have both Creator and Approver privileges you can create and approve your own items

  • When you submit an item to the library, everyone in your organization with the Approver Privilege sees the pending item under their “Submissions” screen

Creating Items / Documentation

There are two main types of documentation (Items) that you can create in

    • Workflows – for documenting a step-by-step process
    • Posts – for documenting a single attachment or bit of information

To create an item, go to your dashboard and click on the button for the item type that you want to create

Submit Item for Approval to the Library

After you have finished creating an item, submit the item to the Library