How to get your team started

The people on your team have many different roles. In, we make it easy to give your teammates the appropriate account privileges that align to their role on your team.

Here are some tips for getting your team set up in

Administrators create “Roles” which are easily customizable to the organization


Use Custom Names for Roles in your Organization

  • Examples: Manager, Associate, Leader, Assistant Leader

Select what each Role can do. Privileges include:

  • View Items
  • Create Items
  • Review & Approve Items

Create individual accounts for the people on your team. With every new account that you create, assign a Role to the account

You can always change a User’s Role later

After creating accounts for your teammates, will welcome them to set up their account via email

Organizing your Team with Groups

In you can create groups that you can add users to. Groups are great for organizing users. After creating content in, you can use Groups to limit content to certain groups of Users.