Let’s be blunt. Turnover SUCKS.

And it really sucks for small and medium-sized businesses. 

So a lot of businesses are focused on retaining current talent. 

Increasing employee retention is great for minimizing turnover – but what if turnover could also just suck less? After all, turnover will always exist as long as you are using a human workforce.

So why does turnover suck?

When you drill down into it, turnover is difficult for your business because of a few fundamental reasons that all have to do with transferring knowledge. Here are a few that we frequently discuss at Proceed:

  • Businesses depend on knowledge that oftentimes cannot be put into words
  • The knowledge that your employees have frequently goes undocumented
  • Training and teaching new employees is challenging and slow

You might be thinking “Doesn’t every business and organization face those challenges?”

Yes, they definitely do!

However, small and medium sized businesses are uniquely challenged with turnover for they oftentimes are not in a position to hire full time HR staff dedicated to training and knowledge loss prevention.


So if you are a small or medium sized business, here are 3 questions to ask if you want to make turnover suck less:

How can I capture the knowledge my business depends on with more than just words?

How can I empower my stakeholders or employees to document what they know?

How can I make the knowledge highly accessible and searchable so I can easily transfer it to the incoming workforce?

If you have any awesome answers to any of those questions, we’d love to hear from you! Check out how Proceed is making turnover suck less for small and medium sized businesses by being the solution to those questions.