SOP: How to tie your shoes

(why you should use visuals in your SOPs, training materials, work instructions, safety guides, etc…)

If you had to create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on how to tie your shoes, what words would you type into a document to make that happen?

Only using words would be pretty tricky, right? You’d probably want to build a series of step-by-step photo or video instructions. Not only would using visual instructions be more effective, it could be easier to create for choosing the right words that will make sense to all readers can be tough.

Just like creating an SOP for tying your shoes, SOPs within hands-on workplaces (i.e. manufacturing comapnies) are tough to describe using words. Using visuals in your knowledge management can make your operational documents more effective while being easier to create! Creating and distributing visual, step-by-step instructions is easy with

Want to check it out? We’ve thrown together some tutorial videos on how to create Workflows in Workflows are perfect for documenting step-by-step processes in your business. Check it out here and let us know what you think! Example

Tell them. Show them.

Businesses small to large are loving their new visual approach to knowledge management with, and we really think you’ll love it too.