Makes it Easy to Train Employees on the Factory Floor is like “TikTok” for training on the factory floor on Mobile Phone Makes it Easy to Train Employees on the Factory Floor is like “TikTok” for training on the factory floor

If you have ever watched a “TikTok®” video, then you know how addicting they can be. Audiences are enamored by TikTok® content because of its bite-sized, visual format. It is super engaging and easy to consume. Imagine if your factory floor training could be the same…

Enter makes it easy to create and distribute training content using photos and videos. Manufacturing companies use to show employees what to do using bite-sized visual content.

Similar to TikTok®, creating content with is really simple and user-friendly. You can easily use your smartphone or tablet to film or photograph your process and then add text instructions or voiceover.

Unlike TikTok®, the content you make for your company is not available to outsiders. This means that your training content is only viewable by employees who have been given access to the platform. You can also setup a content review process which allows you to control the content that employees can access and make sure that all content is up to your standards. makes it super easy to distribute content to your employees. Employees can access content via a shared tablet or their own smartphone, depending on company policy and settings. Inside the app, users find content via a quick search, their personalized clipboard, or by scanning QR Codes. ensures that employees always have access to the most up-to-date information, and that they can watch training videos whenever and wherever is most convenient for them. is quickly becoming the go-to platform for training employees on the factory floor. Check it out today! Example, a visual-based work floor training solution is like “TikTok” for training on the work floor. Create effective training content using photos and bite-sized videos.