How a Knowledge Management System (KMS) can close the gap between compliance and effectiveness in your workplace

People have been learning since the dawn of time. Cavemen learned not to turn their back on a sabertooth tiger, NASA learned how to put man on the moon, and I learned how to do trigonometry in high school. Learning is a critical part of the human experience, and it’s what continues to push us- and our businesses, forward. 

Every company under the sun has some sort of Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is a great way to share critical information with employees during orientation, in a job training classroom, or at a monthly staff meeting. However, much like my experience in high school math, not all the information is going to stick once your employees leave the room. 

How do you supplement your Learning Management System with something that will reinforce that essential job training in a practical and accessible way? For that, you need a Knowledge Management System (KMS)

A Knowledge Management System (hey, that’s us!) is not made to replace a Learning Management System. Rather, we exist to fill the gap where critical information is lost in the day to day work of your employees. Here at Proceed.app, our KMS is characterized by its accessibility, clarity, and reliability 24/7. We cultivate continuous knowledge management in your business by providing real life visual content that can be rapidly accessed by your employees using QR codes, as well as provide reliable reminders and task notifications with visual instructions to keep your team running smoothly and efficiently. 

LMS + KMS Chart


When it comes to LMS and KMS, two systems working together can be better than one. To learn more about how Proceed.app can bolster your existing strategy, check out our product page