4 Steps For Building A Grassroots Training System

Our 4 Step process for successfully implmenting a grassroots training and knowledge management system.

Here at Proceed.app, our software and associates help companies with a lot of different workforce challenges, however one of our favorites is helping companies with reducing risk of knowledge loss by capturing and organizing knowledge from employees before they leave. We’ve found one of the best ways of doing this involves implementing a grassroots training and knowledge management system. Here’s our 4 step process for a successful implementation:

1. Identify Key Processes & People

Start by analyzing the risk points in the business. Interview key people (stakeholders) and start identifying key knowledge/processes. The goal of step 1 is to figure out the risk points and start painting a project scope.

2. Create Vision & Build Up Employee Buy-In

This is the most important step – in order to win over employee buy in you need communicate a clear vision for where you want to go. In this step, we design the library layout (interface) which is easily understood and can be used as a project roadmap for employees to follow.

3. Crowdsourcing & Collaboration

Next is when the content creation starts to take place. After showing employees/teammates the roadmap, everyone can start creating content. Two important things to keep in mind: 1. prioritize the roadmap first and 2. Setup clear process or path for content submission and reviews.

4. Track, Maintain, & Reward

Routinely track progress and adjust or maintain your roadmap. Check in on your key contributors and use this as an opportunity to reward or appreciate them for their work.


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